Colin Field is an outdoor adventure photographer, writer and editor, based near Collingwood, Ontario.

Birding 101

I admit it. I’m no birder. But when Ethan Meleg invited me along to shoot a Great Grey Owl in Bruce County, I was all over it. Apparently there are people flying in from all over the continent to shoot these birds, so I felt pretty lucky to be privy to this little secret spot. And there’s no better teacher for this kind of thing than Ethan. While he was busy chasing a fisheye (or should it be called mouse’s eye?) shot of the bird (which he eventually nailed), I just snapped away with a 70-200mm. Here are a few of the results.A89T9122




  • Ethan Meleg Says

    Colin, I like them all, but I think the shot where the bird is perched in the cedars and is fairly small in frame. There’s a great sense of dimension to the image. The close in flight one, of course, kicks ass.

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