Colin Field is an outdoor adventure photographer, writer and editor, based near Collingwood, Ontario.

Canadian Canoe Culture

As a Canadian, my first real canoe trip was late in life; not till I was 21 did I load up a boat with all my gear and head into the wilderness surrounding Algonquin. But ever since then, I’ve been hooked. And my son will be going on many, many, many canoe trips before he’s 21. The canoe is more Canadian than maple syrup on your poutine. So when I was asked to be a Canadian Canoe Culture influencer I was honoured. I’ll be working on a number of paddling stories over this summer. I can only hope they can capture the true spirit of the canoe and paddling like Goh Iromoto’s lovely movie, The Canoe. The full 20-minute version is available here.

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