Colin Field is an outdoor adventure photographer, writer and editor, based near Collingwood, Ontario.

Cover of Great Lakes Surfer’s Journal

I was very excited to learn I got the cover of the first issue of Great Lakes Surfer’s Journal. I’ve been shooting lake surfers since 2008 and it’s amazing to see how the scene has changed. It has absolutely blown up, but at the same time, it has become friendlier and more welcoming than it ever was. This shot came from an finger-numbing, frigid session. Jim Schorer and a couple others were man enough to get in the water when it was -20 C out. I don’t care what they say, I still think they’re crazy. But I’m stoked to shoot with them any time they’re out. And I’m stoked to see people putting in the work needed to make the Great Lakes Surfer’s Journal a reality. They’ve done two print runs of this issue so far. Head over to their site to get a copy before they’re gone.



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