Colin Field is an outdoor adventure photographer, writer and editor, based near Collingwood, Ontario.

The Moose Ponds, NWT

With a brand new national park opened up in the Northwest Territories, Parks Canada wanted some images of the park’s whitewater opportunities. They assembled an incredible crew, including the legendary Canadian paddlers Mark Scriver and Wendy Grater of Black Feather and they wanted me to shoot it. My pleasure. The Nááts’ihch’oh National Park Reserve is an incredible place and the Moose Ponds, NWT in its upper reaches are the source of the infamous Nahanni River. I was the rookie paddler of the bunch, but thanks to the fine stern work from Caleb Roberts, we were the only boat that didn’t dump. And with three leaking Pelican cases full of camera gear, I was extremely thankful for his skills.

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